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Ethics and Policies


We are so confident in our services that we offer a no-risk guarantee that you will receive the quality as per your expectations.

Ethics and Policy: Research

Sample Submission Procedure

                     Samples should be submitted along with duly filled application form ( FORM 1 - work order form) given in the link.

    Work order should contain applicant’s complete official address with pin code, contact number, and email ID.

  1. Billing address: to whom the invoice is to be raised.

  2. Applicant address: Name of applicant, course of study, Department Name of University/college

  3. Certificate address: only for Industries

  4. Sample description: sample content

  5. Sample Code: Sample identification code, this name will appear in the result

                  After receiving the samples at our end, we will register your request and send you registration details over email. This registration details         contain a serial number and a reference number. please use these details whenever you contact us either email or over phone.

  1. Submit samples and work order individually if multiple analysis is required.

  2. Submit samples in air tight vials, Without damage.

  3. e-mail ID and contact number of the user is mandatory (SPECIFY THE EMAIL ID LEGIBLY). Results will be dispatched by email only.

  4. Mention clearly the details of the sample ( ingredients, presences of halogen,nitrates, amino group, hydrazine, solvents used for preparation etc ) (SAMPLES SUBMITTED WITHOUT THESE DETAILS WILL BE REJECTED).

  5. Samples will not be returned after analysis. if you need samples back please collect it directly with in a week of date of dispatch of results.

  6. Samples can be submitted by India Post/Speed Post/courier

Analysis Rates

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